California's Bottle & Can Recycling Law - The Bottle Bill


California's Bottle Bill is one of the nation's most successful litter and pollution reduction programs. Since 1988, Californians have recycled more than 10 million tons of aluminum, glass and plastic beverage containers. No other recycling program or policy in this state has resulted in higher recycling levels, and no program of its kind in the country has been found to be more cost effective.

While the latest CA Beverage Container Recycling Rates show continued high--80% overall—container recycling rates, the picture is less rosy for Plastic Beverage Containers.

Current ‘loopholes’ in the beverage container recycling law means more than 250 million recyclable plastic bottles remain exempt from the program. This means more than 350,000 tons of plastic containers continue to be littered and landfilled at the same time that California-based plastic processors are struggling to get a sufficient supply of recycled plastic to meet manufacturer demand. Increasing the use of recycled plastic in California manufacturing means both jobs and reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

The choice is simple. It’s time to close the loopholes and update California’s proven plastic container recycling incentives.

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