Polystyrene Takeout Food Packaging Pollution

EPS Ocean WasteFrustrated with the increasing amount of unrecyclable food packaging waste in our marine environment, streets, storm drains and landfills, local governments across the nation are prohibiting the use of unrecyclable plastics such as foamed polystyrene in takeout disposable food packaging.

These plastics, impractical to recycle due to their light weight, are the most common form of marine debris and cost local governments millions in storm drain clean up costs. These costs are especially high for communities with impaired waterways, such as the Ballona Creek (pictured).

Foamed polystyrene is one of our country's most ubiquitous examples of over-processed, overabundant and unnecessary throw-away packaging, and also one of the most costly. Learn more about what you can do to stop the stream of polystyrene waste into our communities, and about its abundant, economical, and recyclable alternatives.

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