Campaign to End Single-Use Plastic Bags

Now is the time to act. Plastic bags are costing your jurisdiction and other local and state agencies millions each year in cleanup costs alone. Despite their lightweight and compact characteristics, plastic bags disproportionately impact the solid waste and recycling stream and persist in the environment even after they have broken down.

In California, 13 billion plastic bags are distributed annually, and only 3% are recycled. Plastic bag ordinances currently cover 35 percent of the state’s population.

Local governments, who are primarily responsible for the cleanup of plastic litter in clogged stormwater systems and polluted waterways, should move ahead with local bag ordinances immediately. Not sure where to start? Check out our Bag Ban Tool Kit.

With the recent Supreme Court decision that the City of Manhattan Beach does not need an environmental impact report (EIR) to enact its plastic bag ordinance, the door has been opened for other local jurisdictions to move forward with their own bans.

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Plastic Bag News:

May 9 - Plastic Group Drops Lawsuit on Santa Cruz Bag Ban

Apr 16 - Supreme Court Denies Petition to Review Favorable Ruling for SF Bag Ban

Dec 10 - San Francisco Restaurant Bag Ban Upheld in Court of Appeal

Oct. 2 - CA Supreme Court Denies Petition, Upholds Marin County Bag Ruling

May 16 - Big Win: CA Supreme Court Denies Challenge to LA Bag Ban

Feb 5 - Appeals Court Upholds LA County Plastic Bag Ordinance

Oct 1 - Court Upholds SLO Bag Ban on Its First Day 

Sept 13 - SF Plastic Bag Ban Wins in Court

Jul 14 - Supreme Court Ruling on Manhattan Beach Bag Ordinance

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