Where to Recycle Cell Phones



Before recycling your cell phone, please remember to back up any personal information you wish to save onto another device. After saving information, please make sure you erase all personal data from the old phone and remove your memory cards and your SIM card.

For assistance on erasing personal data, you can contact your cell phone provider or use this free data eraser from Recellular.


Retail Take-Back:

Online Cellphone Recycling Programs :

Manufacturer Take Back Program


AT&T : View a list of AT&T Store locations to find your nearest cell phone donation drop-off spot. Or  mail in your used phone with free shipping from anywhere in the U.S. To download a postage-paid shipping label, click here.

Cellphones for Soldiers uses funds from recycled cell phones to buy prepaid phone cards for active duty military members – to help connect them with their families.

LG Mobile Phones Recycle Program - mail in your used phone with free shipping from anywhere in the U.S with postage-paid shipping label.

Motorola: Mail-in any cell phones, PDAs and accessories for free by printing postage paid labels.

Nokia: Mail-in your unwanted phone by printing a prepaid shipping label and sending it in for free recycling. 

Nokia Trade-Up Program - get cash back for your old phone when you buy a new Nokia device

Palm: Mail-in mobile phones, handhelds and accessories such as chargers and headsets free of charge. Download the postage paid mailing label.

Samsung: Mail-in any cell phone and accessories. Simply box up your old phone and accessories, print off the pre-paid mailing label and mail in the phone for recycling.

Sony Ericsson: Mail in old cell phone devices (any make or model) for free with postage paid mailing label.

Sprint: Sprint provides two cell phone recycling programs for consumers:

  • The Sprint Buyback program offers Sprint customers an account credit for returning eligible Sprint and Nextel models.
  • If it is not eligible for credit, you may recycle your phone, batteries, accessories and data card through the Sprint Project Connect program. All makes and models are accepted, regardless of carrier or condition.
  • Use the store locator to find a participating store near you. It accepts wireless phones, batteries, accessories and connection cards for recycling — regardless of make, model, condition, or service provider free of charge.

T-Mobile: Consumers can drop off cellphones at any T-Mobile retail store or mail in any mobile devise and accessories by boxing them up and printing off the pre-paid mailing label. Postage paid recycling bags are included with all purchases. Customers can also pick up a recycling envelope at any T-Mobile store.

Verizon Wireless HopeLine program collects no-longer used wireless phones, batteries and accessories from any wireless service provider at Verizon Wireless Retail Stores nationwide. The phones get reburbished or recycled. With the funds raised from the sale of the refurbished phones, Verizon Wireless donates wireless phones and airtime to victims, and provides funding and other contributions to non-profit domestic violence shelters and prevention programs across the country. You can also donate wireless phones and equipment by mail using the pre-paid mailing label.


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