Recycling Advocate: Apr 26, 2012 Vol. 17 – Num. 2


We hope you were able to celebrate Earth Day this past weekend. Remember to celebrate Earth Day more than just once a year – take a look at some ways you can honor the earth year round. 

Earth Day also happens to coincide with some important milestones for environmental legislation making its way through the capitol. Here is a quick update.

Legislative Update:
Most bills have gone through their first policy committee hearings and are heading to a fiscal committee. Pro-recycling legislation fared well in the policy committees, usually passing with significant majorities, and several CAW-opposed bills were voted down or withdrawn by their authors.

Several great recycling bills have already been introduced this year, and we are working on hammering out the details of several others.

Here are a few of the bills that we are supporting: (To see the full list, please visit our website).

  • AB 1647 (Gordon)  cracks down on illegal tire facilities that are undercutting  California’s recyclers and shipping tires overseas to be burned.
  • AB 1933 (Gordon) requires documentation of the source and destination of beverage containers imported into the state in order to reduce fraud from individuals attempting to illegally redeem out-of-state beverage containers in CA.
  • SB 1118 (Hancock) addresses illegal dumping of mattresses by requiring manufacturers to be responsible for collection and recycling of used mattresses. 

Several bad bills were introduced this year. Here are a couple that stood out:

  • AB 2336 (Mansoor) would have weakened existing CAW-sponsored environmental labeling legislation (which prevents people from greenwashing their products with bogus claims of “biodegradability”) by removing enforcement authority from cities and counties and delaying the time that these products can illegally be on store shelves. CAW’s opposition helped remove the bill from two consecutive policy committee agendas. Because this bill will miss Friday’s legislative deadline for reporting to a fiscal committee, it is now considered dead.
  • SB 1106 (Strickland) would have mandated warning labels on reusable bag stating that they “can cause serious illness, cancer, or birth defects…” CAW joined several of our environmental colleagues in calling out Senator Strickland for his attack on reusable bags and the bill was successfully killed in the Senate Environmental Quality Committee. (Check out our letter pointing out the absurdity of this legislation).

Bag update:
Since our last update, the City of Ojai has adopted a single-use bag ordinance, bringing the count up to 44 local cities and counties covered under a bag ban. The City of Ukiah is scheduled to be next on this list and will consider adopting its bag ordinance on May 2. Click here for the complete list of adopted ordinances.

For upcoming bag-related meetings, visit our Take Action page.

AB 341 (Chesbro) ImplementationNew Recycling Opportunities Where You Live and Work
Starting July 1st, apartment buildings must offer their tenants access to recycling, and businesses are required to subscribe to recycling service. For more information on whether or not you are covered by this new requirement, contact us at (916) 443-5422 or email Nick.

New Book on Garbage
Edward Humes, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of twelve nonfiction books, was featured on Fresh Air today. He is the author of Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair With Trash which just came out this month.  The book explores what the world of trash looks like, how we got there, and, best of all, what a growing number of families, communities and businesses are doing to find a way back from a world of waste. Check it out here.

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