Recycling Videos


Aluminum is infinately recyclable says Bill Nye.





Two Minutes on Plastics with Jim Toomey

Midway Beach Washed Up With Endless Flow of Plastic

Biodegradable VS Compostable Packaging

AG Sues "Biodegradable" Water Bottle Companies



Mike Biddle: We Can Recycle Plastic

How San Francisco Deals With Its Daily Compost Load of 600 Tons


Plastic pollutes education curriculum

Plastic impacts on sea turtles

Sailing expedition finds excessive trash around the globe


No on Proposition 26 from No on Proposition 26 on You Tube.

The Majestic Plastic Bag - A Mockumentary from Heal the Bay on You Tube.

Buried in Plastic PSA Plastic Pollution Coalition from Dianna Cohen on Vimeo.


Are we eating plastic bags?



A video depicting the devastation caused by plastics in the environment.



White Pages Becoming Obsolete in Digital Age(ABC 7)




 State Recycling Funds Raided; Jobs Vanish (KABC)





 A poignant lesson on consumption and waste.



 Like an animated e-waste power point presentation.