2015 Recycling Legislators of the Year

Californians Against Waste annually recognizes members of the Legislature for their efforts to advance waste reduction and recycling policy in California. We are proud to announce our 2015 honorees:

Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco)


Senator Leno has been a thoughtful and consistent champion in support of waste reduction and recycling during his entire career in the legislature. His clear and persuasive arguments helped the environmental community gain support for issues that were on the verge of defeat. In addition to his role on the Senate's Environmental Quality Committee, his advocacy on behalf of recycling has been most critical in his former role as Chair of the Appropriations Committee, and now as Chair of the Senate Budget Committee, and his recognition of the role of funding for recycling and composting in the cap-and-trade budget is much appreciated.

Senator Leno's authorship of SB 529, the fast food packaging bill, while not initially successful, has put the fast food sector on notice and has motivated a number of companies to focus on source reduction and recycling.

Assembly Member Susan Eggman (D-Stockton)


Assembly Member Eggman has been a tenacious champion for the recycling industry since her time on the Stockton City Council. Most recently, her authorship of AB 199 has been invaluable in advancing a tax incentive for processing and manufacturing recycled materials in California. Thanks in no small part to her efforts over the last three years, we are confident that we will be able to succeed in passing the legislation this.

She's also led the charge on other important waste/recycling legislation, including AB 1022 (CRT Glass market development), and AB 1023 (investment in recycling market development). Her work on AB 515 this year to promote food donation is an efficient and practical way to reduce the volume of food waste at the source, and feed hungry families.