CAW's 35th Annual Birthday Bash!

Every Summer in Sacramento, Californians Against Waste brings together policymakers, recycling innovators and community leaders to celebrate its 1977 birthday. For nearly four decades, Californians Against Waste has been involved in the crafting of nearly every major successful recycling policy in the state. But we didn't accomplish anything on our own. We've needed the passion, support and expertise of thousands of our members, environmentalists, recycling entrepreneurs and lawmakers. Thanks to everyone who has helped make recycling so successful.

Our 2012 Recycling Legislator of the Year Awards went to:

Assembly Member Richard Gordon

Representing the 21st Assembly District, Assembly Member Gordon was awarded for his ongoing leadership on updating and reforming the bottle bill, as well as efforts to improve tire recycling. He authored legislation to extend California’s law to increase the use of tires in road base, as well as an extension and expansion of the State’s model Plastic Market Development payment program.

The latter—AB 1149, has helped pump more than $20 million in market-based incentives into California-based plastic processing and manufacturing businesses. In less than 3 years, California has gone from exporting nearly 90% of recycled plastic to today where we are on track to process and utilize more than two-thirds of collected plastic hear in state. In the process, we’ve supported and created 1000’s of good green jobs. This year, Assembly Member Gordon is back with AB 1647, to update enforcement of the state’s tire recycling law, while beginning a shift of the program to more of an incentive basis. Additionally, his AB 1933 stepped up efforts to combat out-of-state fraud in the Beverage Container Recycling Program.

Senator Alex Padilla

Hailing from the San Fernando Valley, Senator Padilla has been a strong supporter of recycling over the years. His efforts in helping pass the 75% recycling requirement, both as an author of several bills on the issue and as a co-author and floor-presenter of AB 341, made it possible to pass a landmark recycling policy that will drive recycling for years to come. His support in the passage of the policy was invaluable.

Senator Padilla authored other legislation on this issue, including SB 1021 (dealing with recycling in multifamily dwellings), and has played a crucial role through his Chairmanship of the Senate Energy committee. Senator Padilla has clearly been a champion on other waste reduction policies throughout his legislative career, consistently siding in favor of recycling on every piece of priority recycling legislation that has come before the Senate.

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