AB 1001 (Gordon, 2013-14) - Bottle Bill Modernization

Summary. Modernize California's Bottle Bill Program

Position and Status: CAW supports. This bill is no longer active.


•    Increased Recycling/even playing field - closes the loophole on containers currently exempt due to size/type – juice drinks larger than 46 oz, adding aseptic, and paperboard containers
•    Electronic reporting system - processors to report electronically, and distributor to transition to ETF
•    Increased certification requirements for recycler
•    suspend commingled rate at buyback centers for the next 3 years
•    Expansion of Department role and authority in establishing recycling centers in unserved zones.
•    Authorization of reduced operating hours for recycling centers serving specified unserved zones.
•    Authorize supplemental handling fee for recycling centers in unserved zones.
•    Temporary suspension of in-store take back obligation for retailers inspecified ‘unserved’ zones.
•    Landowners and city and county cannot restrict the siting of a CZ recycler.
•    Consolidation of CRV and Handling fee claim and reporting systems.
•    Establishment of 3-tiered/volume-based HF payment system based on existing cost survey
•    Affirm Local Conservation Corps as ‘core’ funding priority and update the current allocation as $21 million annually
•    Strike $1.5 million grants for litter reduction program.
•    Clarify 5 year history does not apply if new operator has no relationship to previous operator.

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