AB 1005 (Gordon) - California Plastic Recycling

Summary: AB 1005 extends California's Plastic Market Development Program to 2022. 

Position and Status: AB 1005 is sponsored by CAW.

  • Passed the legislature August 25th, 2016
  • Signed into law by Governor Brown September 22nd, 2016!

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Description: This bill will extend the Plastic Market Development Program. The program has successfully increased the in-state processing and use of recycled plastic, spurring private investment and jobs. Prior to the existence of the program, less than 2 percent of plastic beverage containers collected for recycling were processed and manufactured into new products in California. The remainder was exported. By 2014, in-state plastic processing and use increased by more than 3,000 percent to almost 100,000 tons. 

Contact CAW: Teresa Bui, (916) 443-5422

Contact Assemblymember Rich Gordon

Current language, analysis, and votes

Organizations supporting AB 1005:

California Nevada Beverage Association
Californians Against Waste (sponsor)
Central Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority
Clean Water Action
Ecopet Plastics
Epic Plastics
Global Plastics
Marin Sanitary Service
The National Association for PET Container Resources
Peninsula Packaging Company
Peninsula Plastics Recycling
RePET Inc.
Sonoma county Waste Management Agency
Talco Plastics Inc
Tri-CED Community Recycling
Verdeco Recycling, Inc
Zanker Recycling