AB 1195 (Torrico, 2007-08) Motor Oil Recycling

AB 1195 would restrict incentive payments to oil that is transported to a certified used oil recycling facility. This bill also sets the used oil incentive payments to a tiered system of no less than 4.5 cents per quart.

Position and Status. 
CAW Supports. AB 1195 was held in Senate Approps. Previously, the bill passed out of the Senate Environmental Quality Committee July 10 with a 5-2 vote.

Currently, the CIWMB is required to pay a recycling incentive to specified entities for the collection of used oil that is transported to a used oil recycling facility and to an electric utility for using used oil that meets specified requirements for electrical generation.

AB 1195 would instead prohibit incentive payments for any used oil that is burned or used for energy recovery that doesn't meet purity standards for recycled oil. It also allows the Integrated Waste Management Board to set the recycling incentive amount at no less than $0.045 per quart of used oil recycled into re-refined lubricating oil. AB 1195 also requires used oil to be tested and analyzed by an accredited lab to meet certified standards for recycled oil.

CAW Staff Contacts.
Mark Murray (916) 443-5422

Current Actions.
No current actions for this bill.

Assemblymember Alberto Torrico
State Capitol, Sacramento, CA 95814

Californians Against Waste (Co-sponsor)
Evergreen Oil, Inc. (Co-sponsor)
Coast Oil Company
Sierra Club California

Independent Waste Oil Collectors and Transporters

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