AB 1447 (Alejo) - Minimum Recycled Content Standard

Summary: AB 1447 will set a 10% minimum recycled content for PET (plastic) food and beverage containers and extend the current 35% minimum recycled content on glass from just  in-state manufacturers to all glass bottles filled or manufactured in state.

Position and Status: CAW is the sponsor of AB 1447. This bill has been approved by the Assembly Natural Resources Committee but was held in the Assembly Committee on Appropriations.

Description:  AB 199 is authored by Assemblymember Luis Alejo (D-Salinas). PET recycling in California is facing incredible challenges, especially when it comes to making recycled PET commodities that have to compete in a marketplace with virgin PET. Drastic drops in oil prices have had the effect of undermining the demand and price for California-generated recycled materials—California recycled material processors and recycled product makers are starting to lose market share to out of state/country ‘virgin’ producers. This bill would require that, starting July 1, 2016, manufacturers of PET plastic packaging sold in CA must meet 10% minimum PET recycled content. Starting January 1, 2017 and every year thereafter, manufacturers of PET plastic packaging sold in CA must report to CalRecycle the amount of packaging made for sale, and the amount of rPET used in the manufacturing of that product.

CAW Staff Contacts: Teresa Bui (916) 443-5422

Contact Assemblymember Alejo

Organizations supporting AB 199:

Californians Against Waste (sponsor)
Assoc. of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers 
Californians Against Waste
California Plastics Recyclers Coalition
California Refuse Recycling Coalition
Don’t Waste LA Project
Global Plastics
Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy
Marin Sanitary Service 
Napa Recycling and Waste Services
Peninsula Packaging, LLC
Peninsula Plastics Recycling
Potential Industries
Tri-CED Community Recycling
Waste Management
Zanker Road Resource Management
Natural Resources Defense Council