AB 2779 (Stone/Calderon) - Connect the Cap

Summary: AB 2779 would require that every plastic bottle sold in California has a cap that is connected to its bottle by an as-yet specified date. By requiring connected caps, this bill would prevent bottle cap pollution in our environment, save bottle manufacturers money, and provide additional material for recyclers to recover. Bottle caps are currently recovered at a low rate compared to bottles and are one of the top three items found in every large-scale beach clean-up in California. Once a part of our environment, bottle caps are mistaken for food by wildlife, contribute to local government clean-up costs, and eventually become part of the ever-increasing plastic pollution problem in our oceans. AB 2779 is a reintroduction of AB 319 (Stone, 2017).


Learn the devastating effect of plastic bottle cap pollution on the Albatross species in a new documentary Albatross.

By Chris Jordan

Position & Status: CAW supports the bill. 

  • Introduced February 16th, 2018
  • Passed Assembly Natural Resources Committee April 9, 2018
        Watch the bill hearing and CAW's testimony at 10:40.
  • The bill was not brought up for a vote on the Assembly floor for a vote and is no longer active.

More details: Californians consume an average of 11.5 billion plastic bottles every year. Despite California's high recycling rate for all beverage containers, most plastic bottle caps are not returned for recycling. They are lost due to their size and easily blown out of trash bins and landfills and into our waterways. Every year, at least 5 billion and up to 10 billion plastic caps enter our natural environment every year. We have the solution: #ConnectTheCap!

Contact: Kelly McBee (916) 443-5422

The Mercury News: Editorial: End discardable plastic bottle caps in California April 28, 2018