AB 7 (Evans, 2009-10) - Bottle Bill Budget Fix

Governor Schwarzenegger Signs AB 7!

AB 7 will immediately restore roughly $15 million per month in core recyling funding under California's successful Bottle Bill. Funding was cut last July forcing the closure of hundreds of centers and the loss of several hundred 'green jobs'.  AB 7 will immediately restore funding and prevent millions in further cuts to recyclers, local governments, conservation corps and other core components of California's successful Bottle Bill.

Position and Status
CAW Supports.  Signed on March 8, AB 7 is an urgency measure and will take effect immediately. AB 7 was in the eighth extraordinary session of the legislature (AB"X8" 7).  Previously, AB 7 passed off the Assembly Floor Feb 25 with a 63-0 vote, passed out of Assembly Budget Committee on Feb 24 with a 24-0 vote, failed an Assembly floor vote February 22 48-1, passed off the Senate Floor February 18 with a 30-6 vote and was introduced February 12.


California's successful Beverage Container Recycling Program is under threat due to significant cuts to core recycling programs, such as payments for supermarket-based recycling, payments for curbside recycling and payments to conservation corps recycling. Cuts are due in large part to outstanding loan repayments to General Fund.  Without AB 7, California recyclers and local governments would have continued to face millions in cuts, including:

  • $15 million for curbside recycling
  • $8.25 million for conservation corps recycling
  • $20 million for recycling grants
  • $10.5 million to local governments
  • $10 million for quality incentive payments for glass
  • $10 million for market development for plastic containers
  • $44 million in handling fees for supermarket recycling centers

CAW Staff Contacts.

Mark Murray (916) 443-5422

ABX8 7 Current Language, Analyses and Votes.

Additional Resources:


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