AB 722 (Levine, 2007-08) Incandescent Light Bulb Ban

This measure would set energy efficiency standards by specified dates for general service incandescent lamps.

Position and Status. 
CAW Supports. AB 722 was moved to the inactive file on June 7. The bill previously passed out of the Assembly Appropriations Committee on a 11-5 vote.

AB 722 was recently amended to require general service incandescent lamps sold in the state to meet specified ranges of lumen output to meet a minimum energy efficiency standard of a specified lumens per watt. The deadlines range from 2010 to 2016, where a lamp with a lumen output of between 729 and 340, the lamp must achieve 40 lumens per watt.

CAW is sponsoring a similar bill in 2007, AB 1109.

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