AB 921 (Allen, 2011-12) - Compost Study Bill

AB 921 directs the state to measure the significant agricultural water efficiency benefits of applying compost to croplands.

Position and Status.
CAW Supports. AB 921 was held in the Assembly Appropriations Committee on 5/27 and is now a dead bill.

Plants grown in compost-rich soil require less irrigation because of the increased infiltration and storage capacity of root systems and the reduction of water runoff, evaporation, and water usage by weeds. Research has shown that the application of compost can reduce the need for irrigation by 30-70%. Given that approximately 8% of the electricity generated in the state is used to run California's massive water supply infrastructure, a substantial decrease in waterconsumption would significantly reduce energy consumption.

This bill would help expand sustainable agriculture by further studying the water efficiency benefits of compost application.

CAW Staff Contacts.
Nick Lapis (916) 443-5422

Assembly Member Michael Allen 
State Capitol, Sacramento, CA 95814

Californians Against Waste
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