Celebrating 36 Years of Recycling Policy Success

Once a year, Californians Against Waste takes time to hold a Birthday Bash in Sacramento to celebrate decades of recycling policy success in California.  Each year we honor a few select individuals who have helped advance the the cause of recycling and waste reduction through business, education and policy leadership.  Please sign up for our newsletter to receive details on this great event!

Legislators of the Year

Californians Against Waste annually recognizes members of the Legislature for their efforts to advance waste reduction and recycling policy in California. We are proud to announce our 2013 honorees:

Speaker of the Assembly John A. Pérez

Speaker of the Assembly John A. Pérez has been an environmental leader and recycling champion throughout his tenure in the Legislature. Speaker Pérez has played a crucial role in shepherding landmark recycling bills that have come before the Assembly, including legislation establishing a 75% recycling goal for the state and many product-specific recycling policies.

In 2010, Speaker Pérez authored AB 2398, which created a first-of-its kind carpet recycling program that has since been introduced in several other state legislatures. Speaker Pérez’s leadership on environmental issues even preceded his time in the Legislature, when he served on the Board of Directors of the California League of Conservation Voters prior to this election to the Assembly.

Senator Loni Hancock

Representing Senate District 9 (Berkeley), Senator Hancock has been a strong supporter of recycling over the years and this year, we’re recognizing her leadership on pushing for a statewide mattress recycling program as the author of SB 1118 last year and this year with SB 254.

Senator Hancock has clearly been a champion on other waste reduction policies and demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental protection throughout her legislative career. While in the Assembly, Senator Hancock served as Chair of the Committee on Natural Resources. In this role, she led efforts to pass historic environmental legislation that would expand recycling, including AB 3056(2006) which increased market-based incentives for consumers and recyclers of beverage containers. Senator Hancock previously received Legislator of the Year award in 2005 as an Assembly Member.

Currently, Senator Hancock serves on the Environmental Quality Committee, which oversees legislation relating to waste management and toxic substances, among other environmental issues. 

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