Carpet Recycling


AB 2398 by Speaker John Perez was signed into law in 2010, creating the nation’s first comprehensive and industry-financed carpet recycling program.  

AB 2398 requires manufacturers of carpet sold in California to develop, operate and finance a program to comprehensively manage end of life carpet generated California. The manufacturers are authorized to establish a fee of 5 cents/yard to cover the costs of the program. This measure will create increased demand for recycled carpet products in California by increasing the state’s recycled content requirement for carpet bought by the state.

Stay up to date on the carpet implementation process:

CalRecycle held an informal workshop on February 22nd to solicit comments for the Draft informal regulatory text, as part of their rulemaking process. Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE), the stewardship organization that would run the program, was also there to give presentation. 

CARE has been designated as the Carpet Stewardship Organization

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