Californians Against Waste Foundation

Californians Against Waste Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was founded in June of 1984 as a broad-based citizens' organization dedicated to building healthier and more sustainable communities by promoting recycling and reducing pollution related to our waste stream.

CAWF is recognized as a national environmental leader through research, development, promotion, implementation, and oversight of policies which:

  • Reduce dangerous waste and pollution in communities, landfills and the environment;
  • Promote health and safety standards related to products that use recycled materials;
  • Increase the use of and demand for recycled materials;
  • Prevent the environmentally harmful extraction of virgin resources;
  • Promote community-based efforts to increase reuse, recycling and composting; and,
  • Create new, green jobs in underserved communities.

CAWF undertakes specific campaigns to promote new waste reduction and recycling policies as well as to defend existing ones through:

  • Research and policy analysis conducted in collaboration with experts across multiple related fields;
  • Direct outreach to CAW membership as well as print, online and broadcast media;
  • Publishing “Best Practices” and "How-to" guides on closing the recycling loop; and,
  • Educating the business community on the economic and community benefits of waste reduction and recycling.

CAWF is a sister organization to Californians Against Waste, California's only grassroots organization which lobbies full-time in Sacramento for waste reduction and recycling policies. CAWF also receives funding from EarthShare California, whose mission is to protect, support and improve California's natural heritage of clean air, safe water, diverse wildlife, and healthy communities and families by raising funds for leading environmental organizations.