Edible Food Recovery/ Donating Surplus Food

According to CalRecycle statistics, food waste is the single most prevalent item in our landfills, which is especially tragic when combined with the staggering numbers of food insecure people in our state. If you find yourself at an event with surplus, edible food, or you would own a business and would like to donate extra food instead of discarding it, partnering with a local food recovery organization or a local food bank is a great way to ensure that food goes to people who need it instead of landfills.

How to Start Composting

Composting is good for everyone. As our landfills begin to fill to their maximum capacity we need to be more proactive in diverting waste from our landfills. Recycling organics through composting is an alternative method used for dealing with waste that results in a natural products rather than another landfill.

Backyard Composting Resources (CalRecycle)

Basics on Compost

Get a Compost Bin


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