Environmental Advertising Enforcement Campaign

One of the best ways to build a sustainable economy is to shift to products and packaging with a truly reduced environmental impact. There are many such options available. However, the effort to promote and educate consumers about making better environmental choices is being complicated and undermined by misleading and false environmental claims by many marketers whose only objective is to increase sales. protect consumers from products with misleading environmental claims are enforced.

Our Mission:

To reduce the use of false and misleading ‘green marketing’ claims by consumer product and packaging makers by identifying false claimants; initiating legal challenges against those claimants; and bringing public attention to the false claims.

We are utilizing existing California law and Federal Trade Commission guidelines as they relate to various environmental claims (such as “biodegradability"), and initiating a focused campaign aimed at levying enforcement actions by public agencies on several of the most egregious and visible offenders.

After targeting the offenders, we are working diligently with Californian District Attorneys to pursue and correct the violations.

Common Laws in Violation:

Federal Trade Commission Green Guides (click here)

  • Outlines how FTC will enforce legitimacy of “green” advertising claims

CA Business and Professions Code 17580 (click here)

  • Mandates the abidance of the FTC Green Guides in California

CA Public Resources Code 42355-42358.5

  • Regulates use of the term "biodegradable"

Current Areas of Focus:

  • Products marketed with unqualified "degradable" claims
  • Products marketed with unqualified, general environmental claims
  • Products marketed with unqualified recyclable claims

Certified Compliant Products:

BPI_LOGO_US SAMPLE -Two-Color-01.jpg

Search the Biodegradable Products Institute for a list of certified compostable products. Member companies that have their finished products certified as meeting ASTM D6400 and / or ASTM D6868 can use the logo to provide assurance of compostability or biodegradability.


CAW Staff Contact

Melissa Romero, (916)-443-5422

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