Get Involved

We are up against four major out-of-state plastics manufacturers that have already spent over 6 million dollars, and will spend much more. The good news is that the public is with us, but we need help getting our message out there to counter the plastic bag industry’s lies. 

  • Consider donating any amount to the campaign.
  • Share CAW's Facebook and Twitter posts or the Yes on 67 page Facebook and Twitter posts. Tag all social media posts with #Yeson67.
  • Change your cover photo using one of our graphics
  • Consider handing out our Fact Sheet at your local grocery store and/or farmer's market, pending their approval first.  You can also purchase and hand out reusable bags.
  • Check out local phone banking, tabling and other events here.
  • Write a Letter to the Editor for your local newspaper.  Here is a great example.
  • Contact us for a logo if you want to make a yard sign.
  • Call everyone you know to let them know  to vote YES on 67 and to make sure to find it at the very end of the ballot.

Contact with any questions.