Giving to Californians Against Waste

What We Stand For

Californians Against Waste is committed to conserving natural resources, preventing pollution, protecting California's environment, and promoting sustainability and zero waste. We develop, promote, and implement policies (either through the legislature or regulators) that reduce and prevent waste, improve recycling, and protect public health and the environment. 

Producer Responsibility. We also believe that producer responsibility is one of the keys to keeping California green. Producer responsibility laws require producers to clean up and deal with their products when consumers throw them out. If producers are held responsible for cleaning up their products, the market-place demands that they reduce consumption, use recycled materials, reduce toxicity and waste, design for maximum life expectancy, and generally improve sustainability. We champion efforts to put the burden of clean up on producers, resulting in cleaner, safer, and more environmentally friendly products. 

What We Do

Legislative Work - CAW works with legislators, stakeholders, and other environmental organizations to pass laws and policies that conserve resources, promote recycling, and protect the environment. We have passed bills banning single-use plastic bags,