Bad News/Good News: More Than 16,000 PCs discarded in California...Every Day!

When California's first in the nation e-waste recycling law was adopted in 2003, an often-touted statistic was an extrapolation from a National Safety Council study which placed the numbers of PC's discarded in California daily at 6,000. New Data from the high tech research firm Gartner places the number of PC's discarded by Californians at more than 16,000 daily. The Good News? Thanks to California's SB 20 (Sher) recycling law, it appears that California is far outpacing the rest of the nation in e-waste actually recycled. Preliminary data for 2006 suggests that one of every five pounds of e-waste recycled in the US is recycled in California. And California remains the only state with restrictions on the export of e-waste for recycling. Not surprisingly, two state legislators have introduced bills this year to expand the state's successful e-waste law.