Paid Signature Gatherers Seek Repeal of Bag Ban

It’s official. Out-of-state plastic makers are officially bankrolling a referendum to overturn CA’s hard fought plastic bag ban that Governor Brown just signed. They already have Paid Signature Gatherers in the street.

So we started our own campaign to push back against the misleading statements and falsehoods the industry is already spreading. Click here to contribute to the campaign right now.

“…the Industry will spend many millions of dollars to try to trick Californians into thinking that it’s a good thing that billions of single-use plastic bags are clogging up our storm drains and rivers, tangling up in our native flora, filling up the oceans and doing god knows whatever environmental mischief”.

Sacramento Bee Editorial

Their pockets are deep from decades of profits made from selling plastic bags in California without having to bear the public costs that come from their polluting products. And that’s what this referendum is really about. As the Bee writes:

"One of the most active opponents of the bag ban, and the force behind the Bag the Ban campaign, is South Carolina-based Hilex Poly. This company would like to continue to reap the riches made by polluting our beautiful state and then leaving the cost of cleanup to us.”

So it’s up to you and me to tell the truth. We know the Plastic Bag Ban works to reduce pollution and protect wildlife. But the plastic industry’s paid signature gatherers will be in front of stores and they will do and say anything to try to get 505,000 signatures in the next 75 days.

We have an experienced campaign team in place and proven campaign plan to spread our message and volunteers across the state to challenge their misinformation at every turn. But we need to expand our base of support and raise an additional $45,000 in the next 75 days to fund our share of this effort. If we can get 1000 supporters to pitch in $45 each, we can counter their effort. If you’re already contributed to this campaign—thank you! Please forward this message to your friends and family with your own personal appeal.

Mark Murray 
Executive Director

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