Plastic Bag Conspiracy Revealed

Plastic bag litter and waste has been getting a great deal of attention in recent weeks. Some 19 billion single use plastic bags are distributed annually in California, and less than 5% are recycled.

And while the useful life of these bags is most often measured in minutes, these non-biodegradable petro-chemical balloons can often remain a blight on the environment and a threat to wildlife for years. That's why California Assembly Member Lloyd Levine has recently introduced legislation (AB 2058) requiring retailers and bag manufacturers to reduce and recycle plastic bag litter and waste by no less than 70% in the next three years or face a 25 cent per bag 'advance disposal fee'.

While plastic bag manufacturers and their partners in the petro-chemical industry have attacked the legislation as 'unneccesary and punitive', a shocking new video reveals that plastic bag manufacturers may indeed be behind a vast global conspiracy aimed at increasing the proliferation of plastic bag litter and waste.

I had intended to share this video on April 1, but I felt compelled to confirm the facts. I apologize for the delay, but I'm sure you will agree that there is an important message here for all of us to take to heart.