We Can Make Lighting More Efficient while Reducing and Recycling Toxics

The concept of making lighting more efficient has garnered a great deal of attention in recent weeks with proposals by Assembly Member Lloyd Levine to ban the sale of 'general purpose' incandescent bulbs, and a complimentary proposal by Assembly Member Jared Huffman to establish lighting efficiency standards for all lighting sold in the state.

Huffman's proposal, which CAW was instrumental in crafting, will include mercury and lead phase out requirements consistent with those already adopted in the European Union. Additionally, the proposal will direct lighting manufacturers to develop, finance and implement programs for recycling all hazardous lighting (including lead containing incandescent bulbs and mercury containing fluorescents).

In discussions with Assembly Member Levine this past week, he too recognizes that source reduction of hazardous materials and recycling needs to be a part of a comprehensive 'green' lighting proposal for California. We're fortunate to have two committed environmental leaders working on this issue.