Californians Against Waste co-sponsored AB 888, legislation that banned plastic microbeads in California.  These tiny pieces of plastic are found in toothpaste, facial scrubs and other personal care products.  Because of their extremely small size, they flow from bathrooms out to rivers and oceans.  Once in our environment, the plastic absorbs more toxins and are then consumed by plankton (as seen in this video) as well as fish, which are eventually consumed by humans. Click Here to Learn more about AB 888.

Plastic companies fought against our legislation to ban plastic microbeads.   Despite the fact that there are many effective, natural alternatives such as coffee beans and apricot shells, these companies continue to sell products that dump billions of toxic plastic microbeads into our environment and into our food chain.

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Some states have instituted bans on microbeads that contain a loophole exemption for plastic microbeads that breakdown in high heat.  Unfortunately, the oceans and rivers into which these beads are flushed do not reach anywhere near these temperatures.  

Read this attachment to learn more about why scientists are calling on states to pass bans without these loopholes, and please sign up to receive alerts about how you can support this important piece of legislation.