The Staff

Nick Lapis 

Nick is CAW's Director of Advocacy and has been with the organization since 2007.

As CAW's lobbyist, Nick advocates for the enactment of strong waste reduction and recycling policies and has led the organization's efforts to pass several landmark pieces of legislation. Nick also heads CAW's climate and organics campaigns and has advocated for the enactment of nation-leading environmental policies at the state's regulatory agencies. In addition to advocacy, Nick engages in policy research and coalition-building, representing CAW on a variety of boards, committees, workgroups, and coalitions.

Before joining CAW, Nick completed his BS in Environmental Biology and Management (minoring in Environmental Policy and Political Science) at the University of California, Davis and interned for Coalition for Clean Air and the legislative unit of California State Parks. He has also worked on ecological restoration and environmental leadership through several positions at the Golden Gate National Parks.

When he is not talking trash (or at a local coffee shop), Nick can usually be found exploring Northern California’s culinary diversity and public lands.

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