Editorial: Plastic Industry in Denial

This Sacramento Bee Editorial captures the sentiment of millions of Californians--including many who initially had doubts about the viability and efficacy of a ban on plastic bags: Single Use Plastic Shopping Bags are an unnecessary anachronism.

Consumers, Environmental Protection Groups, Local governments, and now even your neighborhood grocery store are all committed to the phase out of single use plastic shopping bags by July 1, 2015. Join the Campaign!

Sacramento Bee Editorial:
Plastic bag makers are in denial about California’s ban

It’s a true if gruesome fact that chickens that have been relieved of their heads sometimes run around for a while before they quite realize their irreversible predicament.

That appears to be happening to the plastic bag industry.It would explain why it hasn’t figured out that the ubiquitous single-use plastic grocery bag has just suffered a killing blow. Its days are numbered.

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