Editorial: Voters Should Stand for Bag Ban

The San Jose Mercury News has come out in unequivocal opposition to the campaign to repeal SB 270, California’s groundbreaking single-use plastic bag ban. The editorial cites the substantial harmful effects that plastic pollution has on waterways, landfills and recycling facilities. 

“Only a ban will keep plastic bags from blowing through our streets, clogging our landfills and polluting our waterways. California's ban is a national model that is already having a major impact with 11 other states considering similar legislation.”

Even if the effort to repeal SB 270 is rejected by voters, if the campaign is successful just in qualifying their referendum for the ballot, it would delay the implementation of SB 270 until the November 2016 ballot. Read the whole editorial here: 

Mercury News editorial: California voters should stand up for plastic bag ban.