Help Us Defend California's Trailblazing Bag Ban!

We at CAW are proud that California is now the first state to pass a plastic bag ban (SB 270). By doing so, we serve as a beacon for other state legislatures hoping to pass similar laws. For instance, as this article highlights, other states such as Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Jersey had similar laws pending in their state legislatures last year. But SB 270 is under attack and we need your help. To learn more about the efforts in other states and Congress to pass plastic bag bans, please click here

Get involved today and help this key piece of legislation spread to our neighbors!

Here's what you can do:
•    Listen to their arguments neutrally and respectfully. The more time you spend with them, the less time they have to get signatures from someone else.
•    Note the store, location, time and date, and any information they are sharing.
•    Report it online here.

Please sign up to support the campaign and forward this message to your friends. Thank you!