Mercury News Editorial: Trash the Initiative to Overturn Plastic Bag Ban

The San Jose Mercury News in an Editorial is telling readers to trash the plastic industry's attempt to overturn our plastic bag ban. Calling the initiative ' the early favorite for most disingenuous initiative of 2015', here are some of their points: 

By delaying the ban for at least a year, the referendum means Californians will throw away another 18 billion bags. That will be more than $100 million in the plastic bag industry's pockets for an investment of just $3 million to collect the signatures, so the industry had nothing to lose. We hope voters see through it...

The referendum is yet another example of an out-of-state business abusing the state's initiative process. There is nothing grass-roots about it. The plastics industry paid the signature gatherers, and 98 percent of the money came from out of state. More than $500,000 came from Hylex Poly of South Carolina, the largest plastic-bag manufacturer in the nation.

Read the full Editorial here.

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