April 28 - Bill to Ban Microbeads up for Vote Today

*UPDATE* 4/28/15 4:35 pm: AB 888 passed the Assembly Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee with bipartisan support!

471 million plastic microbeads, enough to cover one and a half football fields, are estimated to flow into San Francisco Bay every day.

Plastic microbeads are added to toothpaste, face scrubs and other personal care products that are intentionally designed to be flushed down the drain. Our water sanitation systems can’t capture all these microbeads so they ultimately end up flowing from our streams and rivers to the ocean. When mistaken as food, these toxic sponges then contaminate our food chain. Scientific studies show that chemicals on the microbeads can be absorbed into fish tissue.

So, what you wash down the drain could end up back on your plate.

With an important committee hearing scheduled for this afternoon, it’s urgent that you let your representative in the CA legislature know you want them to vote yes on AB 888 (Bloom).

We live in times of water scarcity and accompanying threats to water quality. With natural alternatives readily available, there should be no excuse to continue adding plastic microbeads to these products.

ACT NOW. Tell your representative to vote yes on AB 888.

You can watch the hearing live this afternoon: http://www.calchannel.com/ or stay tuned for CAW updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages.