April 22 - They're Putting Plastic in What?!

California has an opportunity this year to ban one of the most insidious toxic delivery systems corporations have ever created: Plastic Microbeads.

These tiny bits of plastic are intentionally added to personal care products including facial scrubs and even the toothpaste that our families put in their mouths. Research has already proven this plastic is damaging to fish and wildlife; what about our children and grandchildren?

Scientists estimate that over 400 million of them are released into the San Francisco Bay every day, and we are just now starting to understand the damage they are doing from the Great Lakes to the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

To protect families and the environment, Californians Against Waste is sponsoring AB 888 (Bloom) in the state legislature. Last year, a similar bill failed by one vote; by making a donation today, you can help make 2015 the year California finally bans plastic microbeads.

Take action and urge your Assemblymember to support (it only takes a minute and you can edit the prewritten email)

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