Feb 5 - Residents Support Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban in Huntington Beach Independent

The Huntingon Beach Independent today published letters from local residents supporting California's statewide ban on single-use plastic grocery bags, billions of which have ended up on our beaches and streets and in our rivers, oceans and landfills.
Join the fight against Big Plastic to ensure every California community has access to clean beaches and healthy environments.
Residents are also opposing efforts by some politicians to repeal Huntington Beach's local ban on single-use plastic grocery bags, which was put in place to ensure local beaches remain clean, popular tourist desitnations.
"I walk at Bolsa Chica beach at least three or four times a week in the morning and am seeing fewer plastic bags since the ordinance has been in place," said Jutta Werrlein. "I think the beaches are much cleaner and believe the bags should be banned by a statewide law."
"I cannot believe Councilman Mike Posey and some other members of the Huntington Beach City Council are trying to repeal the ban on plastic bags," said Prudence Tedder. "No one who enjoys swimming in the surf can be for this repeal. Slimy bags below the surf line are awful."