Jan 21 - Local Startup Turns Food Waste into Fertile Soil

Startup of the Month goes to California Safe Soil (CSS) for turning organic trash into fertile treasure. This West Sac startup is converting leftover organic material into a nutrient-rich soil farmers can use to grow crops in a matter of hours.

Treehugger reports that CSS gets leftover organic material from supermarkets, transports it in bins designed to keep it fresh, and then uses their proprietary process of grinding, heating, and then enzymatically digesting the food to turn it into "soup blend" - a liquid fertilizer that can be blended into a consistent formula for application to the soil.

"A typical supermarket throws away 600 pounds of food a day," says Dan Morash, the company’s CEO. "It’s no longer edible, but this organic material has a tremendous amount of nutrient value. The same stuff that keeps you and me alive can be used to stimulate organic life in the soil like bacteria, fungi, worms and insects."

This aerobic digestion process can be done in just 3 hours and is an exciting and innovative way to create a truly farm to fork to farm system.

Read the article here.


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