Sept 2 - A Call for Letters

The CA Legislative Session ended on Sunday night at midnight, and CAW's top 3 priorities (SB 270, AB 1826, and AB 1594) have made it through the legislature.

Now they head to the Governor's desk, and he has until September 30th to sign or veto the bills.

Thank you to all who supported these three bills when they were in the Legislature. You helped get us this far. Please take a few minutes to let Governor Brown know you'd like for him to sign these bills into law!

• Help phase out single use plastic bags by supporting SB 270 (Padilla, de Leon and Lara). Take Action! Send in a support letter today!

AB 1826 (Chesbro) requires businesses that generate organic waste to subscribe to a collection and recycling service for this material. Take Action! Send in a support letter today!

• Help end a perverse incentive in state law that encourages the use of yard trimmings as landfill cover (ADC) by supporting AB 1594 (Williams). Take Action! Send in a support letter today!

(Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images NA)

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