Aug 5 - Plastic Industries Buys TV Ads, Targets Bag Ban

As we begin the home stretch of this legislative session, the plastic industry has renewed their attacks on the plastic bag ban.

The Sacramento Bee reports that the industry launched new TV and radio ads scheduled to go live today to oppose SB 270, the bill to ban plastic bags in grocery stores, drug stores, and convenience stores throughout the state.

The bill will be heard in the Assembly Fiscal committee by August 15, and must pass both houses by August 31 to get to the Governor's desk for a signature or veto.

Senator Padilla, one of the co-authors of the bill, was reported stating : "I believe both the general public and legislators will see this advertising campaign for what it is: a desperate attempt by the plastic bag industry, that’s primarily out of state, to hold on to every penny of profit they can," Padilla said. "They’re not going to go down easy."

There are currently 113 jurisdiction with a plastic bag ordinance. Plastic bag bans have been hugely successful in California, and have support from consumers, grocers, local governments, waste management, and reusable bag companies.

Help us get a statewide bag ban once and for all by supporting SB 270 and telling your Assembly Member to do the same.

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