Jun 17 - Plastic Bag and Microbead Bills Up for Votes Tomorrow

On Wednesday, June 18, two California bills related to plastic pollution are scheduled for consideration by committees in the State Legislature.

Both measures seek to reduce single-use plastics that can end up littering our environment, impacting our wildlife, contaminating our food chain, and/or costing millions in local government cleanups and recycling machinery repairs.

SB 270, the bill to ban plastic bags in grocery stores, drug stores, and convenience stores throughout the state, is scheduled for a hearing in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. It passed the Assembly Natural Resources Committee in mid May. After this committee, the bill would head to the Assembly Floor for a full vote. SB 270 is co-authored by Senators Padilla, de Leon, and Lara. The hearing starts at 9 am in Room 4202 of the State Capitol.

AB 1699, the bill to ban plastic microbeads in personal care products, is scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Environmental Quality Committee. It passed the first house on May 23rd and would advance to the Appropriations Committee next. AB 1699 is authored by Assemblymember Bloom. The hearing starts at 9:30 am in Room 3191 of the State Capitol.

Supporting groups may have the opportunity to testify in person at the hearings, or listen online at calchannel.com.