Jun 4 - Walnut Creek Passes Polystyrene Ban

Walnut Creek adopted a polystyrene food packaging ban at a city council meeting on June 3rd, 2014.
The ban would prohibit any Walnut Creek food vendor from using polystyrene (commonly called "styrofoam") based disposable food ware. These "food venders" include: restaurants, bars, pubs, coffee shops, mobile food trucks/roadside stands, cafeterias, and stores that sell prepared food. Exemptions include: straws and utensils, coolers or ice chests, and certain uses in emergency situations. The ordinance goes into effect on December 18, 2014.
The City of Walnut Creek, already known for their plastic bag ban, seems extremely receptive to this progress. While some restaurant owners expressed concerns for costs of alternative products, a staff report found that over 80% of restaurants in Walnut Creek have already phased out polystyrene in favor for more green packaging solutions.
Councilmember Cindy Silva advocated for the bill and called it "long overdue" for the City of Walnut Creek. Mayor Pro-tem Bob Simmons agreed and proclaimed, "We need to act…it’s a state-wide problem and not something we can continue to put off".