Mar 27 - Dallas and NYC To Take Action on Plastic Bag Pollution

According to media reports, the city of Dallas, Texas will have less plastic bag litter starting January 1, 2015.

On Wednesday, the council approved a five cent charge per single-use bag in every retail store. Based on the experience of a similar ordinance in DC, this will discourage single-use bag waste and result in cleaner streets and creeks with little negative impact on businesses.The measure would go into effect beginning next year.

Dallas is the tenth city in Texas to take action on plastic bag pollution.

A similar measure to charge ten cents per bag was also re-introduced Wednesday in New York City. If adopted, this would be the largest bag ordinance in the nation. A vote has not been scheduled yet but is expected over the upcoming weeks.

Learn more about California's state bag bill, SB 270, and take action.