Mar 26 - State Uses CAW-Sponsored Law to Shut Down Illegal Tire Exporter

CalRecycle has announced that they have used the enforcement mechanisms in CAW-sponsored AB 1647 (Gordon) to successfully shut down a serial violater of the state's tire laws. In addition to being shut down, the South San Francisco-based company, Global Waste Management, was fined $30,000.

Global Waste Management was allegedly operating an unpermitted tire collection and bailing operation. Despite several warnings and violations, repeat inspections showed that the facility continued to have upwards of 21,000 tires on-site.

"Our responsibility is to ensure waste tire facilities operate in a safe and compliant manner to protect the surrounding community," CalRecycle Director Caroll Mortensen said. "Improperly stored waste tires are a serious threat to human health and the environment."

Prior to the passage of AB 1647 in 2012, CalRecycle lacked the tools necessary to take timely action to enforce the state's tire facility permitting requirements. The bill allows CalRecycle to use an expedited hearing and enforcement mechanism, similar to that used for other solid waste facilities, instead of relying on a lengthy administrative law process.

At the time of the bill's passage, Assembly Member Rich Gordon said, "Improper disposal of waste tires has serious consequences for our environment through emitting incredibly high levels of greenhouse gasses. This bill streamlines the enforcement process, enabling CalRecycle to be nimble in addressing this real and hazardous problem."