Mar 4 - Coachella Valley Approves Model Bag Ban Ordinance

On 2/24/2014, the Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG) executive committee voted to pass their model draft ordinance banning plastic bags. The ordinance’s language requires that grocery, convenience, and drug stores would ban all thin plastic grocery bags and charge 10 cents for a paper bag. The purpose of passing the draft model ordinance was to create regional uniformity so that shoppers and businesses in the Coachella Valley would not have worry about varying regulations between cities. Now all the local jurisdictions in the Coachella Valley can work from the same platform when passing their individual ordinances.

Other bag bans have been passed in coastal cities like LA or SF, but Coachella Valley is located inland. Increasingly, non-coastal areas are now realizing and addressing the costs and impacts of plastic bag pollution.

Learn more about SB 270 to ban plastic bags throughout California.