Feb 3 - KQED: Increasing Glass Recycling

KQED Quest program explores whether all glass bottles should carry a Deposit


Bob Hennessey, a former Catholic priest, and founder of the San Jose Conservation Corps Charter School is one supporter of adding wine bottles to the Bottle Bill program. Money from the Bottle Bill program provides funding for local Conservation Corps which provides job training for at-risk youth.

"The bottle bill was what started the local Corps," said Bob Hennessey. "Fourteen of us [local Conservation Corps] depend on the bottle bill as base funding."

We at CAW believe that adding glass and plastic bottles to the program will be good for the environment, raise recycling rates, generate valuable commodity streams for manufacturers, support the state's Bottle Bill fund and clear consumer confusion.

Mark Murray, Executive Director of Californians Against Waste, said "I think most folks assume that the CRV program covers all beverages," said Murray. "They’re surprised when they find out that wine and liquor are exempt.

Despite multiple efforts over the years, efforts to expand California's Bottle and Can Recycling Law to include all glass bottles have been defeated due to opposition from producers.

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Photo Credit: James Cridland/Flickr

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