Jan 23 - Dates To Remember This Legislative Session

This is the second year of the 2014-2014 legislative session. Here are the major deadlines to be on the lookout for between now and August.

  • 2-year bills (introduced in 2013) that are still in their house of origin, must be passed from their committees to the floor by Jan 24th.
  • Jan 24th is also the deadline for new bill ideas to be submitted to the office of Legislative Counsel for drafting.
  • 2-year bills must pass out of their house of origin by the end of the month.
  • All new bills must be introduced by February 21st.
  • Bills must pass their Policy Committee hearings by May 2nd (or May 9th if they are not heading to a Fiscal Committee).
  • May 23rd marks the deadline for fiscal committees to hear bills, and all bills must pass from their house of origin by May 30th.
  • The budget is adopted by June 15th.
  • All bills must pass Policy Committees by June 27th, and Fiscal Committees by August 15th.
  • The session ends on August 31.

Find a full legislative calendar here.

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