Jan 2 - New Training Requirements For Buy-Back Center Operators, Processors

Under a new CalRecycle regulation that went into effect yesterday, Beverage Container Recycling buy-back center operators and processors are now required to undergo training before being considered for certification in the California Redemption Value Program. The new regulations are designed to ensure operator success and reduce improper payouts under the California Bottle Bill.

The new regulations were outlined in a press release from CalRecycle:

"California’s bottle bill is one of the most successful in the nation, but this wouldn’t be the case without our vigorous recycling infrastructure," CalRecycle Director Caroll Mortensen said. "While many recycling center operators and beverage container processors have long demonstrated their professionalism and ability to understand and adhere to program rules, this training will benefit participants across the board and help create a level playing field that promotes business success and safeguards the recycling fund."

Covered beverage containers are eligible for the redemption value based on their size. Containers under 24 ounces may be redeemed for 5 cents. Containers over 24 ounces may be redeemed for 10 cents. Covered beverage containers include aluminum glass and plastic. Milk containers and wine and spirit containers are not eligible for the CRV.

CalRecycle is undertaking a variety of program updates to strengthen and protect the bottle bill and reduce fraud.

Regulations are also being developed to support AB 1933, a state law requiring importers of out-of-state containers to enter California through California Department of Food and Agriculture agricultural inspection stations and comply with stringent reporting and inspection requirements. These include providing personal identification at the station and specifying the destination in California where they are taking the containers. Along with the lower single-day limits, these new requirements are expected to stem the tide of out-of-state containers brought into the state and claimed for illegal CRV refunds.

Regulations regarding beverage container volume limits also went into effect on Jan. 1.

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