Jan 1 - New Rule On Beverage Container Recycling Volumes Effective Today

As part of its ongoing work to protect California’s Beverage Container Recycling program, CalRecycle is implementing new regulations which go into effect today.

The regulations limit the volume of beverage containers that can be redeemed by an individual in a single day. This is intended to deter scavenger fleets and out-of-state recyclers from collecting CRV funds.

"With these much lower daily load limits, we hope wrongdoers will make a New Year’s resolution that it’s just not worth it to continue their illegal activities," CalRecycle Director Caroll Mortensen said. "They’ll have to take a lot more trips to recycling centers, which only increases the chances CalRecycle or our partners in law enforcement will catch them."

The new regulations are not expected to affect the majority of consumers.

Other changes to the law are pending including:

"a new state law [AB 1933]requiring importers of out-of-state containers to enter California through CDFA agricultural inspection stations and comply with stringent reporting and inspection requirements that include providing personal identification at the station, and specifying the destination in California where they are taking the containers."

Check our website for more updates as regulations take effect.

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