Dec 12 - Koch Brothers Front Group Attacks Local Bag Bans

The plastic bag industry is at it again. And this time they're backed by big guns--really big guns-- the Koch Brothers.

They're denying and undermining the good work so many communities have done by passing local ordinances banning plastic grocery bags. They're saying it's done no good and may be causing harm.

H. Sterling Burnett, spokesperson for the National Center for Policy Analysis, a Koch Industries Climate Denial front group, just released a "study" denying the clear economic and environmental benefits of local bag ordinances. This is a familiar stance for Burnett, a die-hard climate change denier.

We've got to act now, before this misinformation spreads and sets back all the good work cities and counties have done. Or worse, influences other communities from considering their own ordinances.

The unsubstantiated speculation in Burnett's newest 'pseudo-study' is designed to do one thing: stop the forward momentum 90+ local ordinances have created. We're only three votes away from a statewide phase out of plastic grocery bags--too close to be sidetracked now.

Burnett and NCPA are on a mission to dismantle environmental policy piece by piece. He's compared Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" to Joseph Goebell's Nazi propaganda films. He claimed environmentalists "hyped" the Gulf Oil Spill -- a tragic man-made environmental disaster -- to pass higher energy taxes. Now, he's helping the plastic industry attack local governments for taking measured, responsible and proven actions to reduce plastic bag litter and waste.

We know his statements are wrong. We know his motives are wrong. And we can't sit back and do nothing.

Burnett and others like him would like nothing better than to stop us just as we're on the verge of passing a statewide ban on plastic grocery bags. With your support, we can show them that might doesn't make right.

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