Dec 6 - Jobs and Recycling Bill Improving Access For Multifamily Housing


In a recent commentary, a San Diego County Apartment Association columnist noted that before the passage of AB 341 the Jobs and Recycling Bill, in 2011, the recycling rate among apartment residents in California was at only 15 percent.

CAW sponsored AB 341 in large part because it expanded recycling services to underserved residents—those living in apartment without access to curbside recycling.

The columnist notes that San Diego’s Miramar Landfill is nearly at capacity and is slated to close in 2022. This is motivating San Diego area communities to set aggressive waste reduction and recycling goals. Property managers are urged to continue outreach to let residents know about recycling opportunities.

Although most of us take recycling for granted, having an outreach and education plan for your residents is still important. With the new year coming, now is a good time to encourage residents to make a resolution to recycle more.
Include reminders of recycling bin locations in newsletters and posters, and include photos or lists of items that can and cannot be recycled. Finally, encourage feedback from your residents.
Beyond environmental and legal reasons for diverting waste, we encourage property managers to recycle as much as possible simply for their bottom line — recycling can help reduce the costs of trash service.

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